Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My Etsy Shop Favorites

Because I'm suddenly feeling inspired I figured I'd share a few of my inspirations and favorite etsy shops.
One of my best friends who now went off to college in a far away land has started her etsy shop with a friend and they together love plants, photography and bicycling so check them out for lots more stuff in the future.
I am a fashionable feminist and so is this lady so how could you go wrong! Floral Headbands galore! Awesome jewelry for your piercings!

Feeling Teal not Blue

So a couple days ago I decided to finally take the plunge and I dyed my hair not a pastel color because those don't seem to last long but a deep teal color and I really love it! It's been fun wearing blues, neutrals, and just seeing what works with my new look so here is one of the outfits I've loved so far for this edgier look:


Leggings--Target, Bulldog Tee--F21, Combat Boots--Bamboo, Teal Hair--Ion Color Brilliance Brights Teal

Jumping Back In: Instagram Favorites!

So I've done some thinking and I've now graduated high school. Life was busy and procrastinated and my blogging fever died for a little while but now I'm hoping to relaunch it and really have some fun exploring different camera techniques and blogging ideas. Feel free to comment if you have any advice I'd love to hear it! And here are just a few of my favorite instagram looks from the past couple months:
One of my favorite edgy mix and match looks. 

Me experimenting with a rockabilly meets punk look.

Me after a happy win as a senior in my county's 4-h style review. 

Me having fun modeling a cute dress. 

Me channeling Solange in my didnt last so long pastel hair. 

Me wearing my own dyed shorts, some funky creepers, a henna tattoo and a smile. 

Some of the fun things I saw at my local antique store in Albany, OR. 

A fun steam punk store I explored in Washington.